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Re-Engineered Solutions & Technologies

At RESOLUTE, We believe in delivering things better than we found them. We are a Re-Engineered Solutions and Technologies company that aims to make lives of people easier through our work in revolutionary nanotechnology impacting governments, industries and consumer brands. With the growing needs and depleting resources, It becomes our utmost responsibility to act sensibly and use technology efficiently to create a better world for our upcoming generations. We are more than glad to re-engineer old technologies and be the catalyst for the change we need. We take pride in providing remedial solutions to the government bodies, smart road innovations that minimise mining of limited resources, researching on better health monitoring solutions for consumers and are also working on water treatment solutions given the need of the hour. We are based out of West Bengal, India.

Services we offer

Engineering, Planning and Construction of Highways

Integration of modern and effective construction management and research techniques into our traditional methods of Business for economic, effective and faster construction of roads and bridges.  This not only shall empower us into better lifestyle and development of our cities and districts but also leads to national development in terms of better connectivity, employment generation, and rapid upscale of the economy. The development of safe and modern infrastructure is the way to the development of the country. 

Business Meeting

Government Consultancy

Expert Guidance

We expertise in providing essential solutions to pressing government problems like increasing carbon emissions, depleting agricultural produce, inadequate banking facilities in rural areas, improper drainage systems, inadequate food storage, exhausting energy resources, water purification and better data analysis.


Tree Transplantation

Highways trees relocation

We are heading toward doomsday if we are not protecting the trees around us. We are at a point in our lives where we need to plant 10 trees for each one we uproot and the least we can do is transplant the trees that have breathed for years before uprooting it for our imminent need for infrastructure. That's where we step in. We Transplant trees efficiently using our modern tools to fulfill the dream of a green corridor across the nation led by our Hon minister Shri Nitin Gadkari ji, and lead plantation drives for a greener and carbon-free nation. 

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